Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

I am a senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Without the Georgia Engineering Foundation, I would not be where I am now.  These scholarships have been an incredible help during the economic downturn.  Because of GEF, I am now near graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  I have also had the chance to be an undergraduate researcher at Georgia Tech's High Power Electric Propulsion Lab, and work with cutting edge propulsion technology.  The Georgia Engineering Foundation scholarship program has made my education possible.  

~Sherrie Hall           


I have recently graduated a Dual-Degree major with a BS in Applied Physics from Morehouse College and a BS in mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. I was a part of the Georgia Engineering Foundation my last two years at Georgia Tech. The organization was a great foundation for the engineering world outside of college as it taught you to learn to network and make connections with not only peers, but also people who you may not know. I am glad I was giving the opportunity to achieve this award twice and attend the annual banquets. Being a typical struggling college student, the nice scholarship award definitely came in handy as well! The mentality of the organization is structured to motivate you to not only succeed yourself in graduating and achieving your engineering degree, but also by giving back so that those under will succeed as well. That is something that I want to be a part of.

~Brandon Mair


The scholarship I received from GEF for which I remain eternally grateful has been extremely helpful in managing the burden of tuition cost. Many may not realize Georgia's HOPE scholarship supports only undergraduate students.  Furthermore, as a 4.0 graduate student in Construction Management at Southern Polytechnic State University I was disheartened to learn limited scholarship funds at my university were also reserved only for undergraduates. During the course of my studies at SPSU, GEF and other private scholarship sources had the foresight to recognize the merit and need for supporting graduate work and made a substantial impact on my ability to thrive in the program. As I stand ready to graduate this coming July I will remember GEF’s contribution which made a real and tangible difference in my life and which has also helped me to recognize the crucial need for my support of GEF in the future so that it can continue its viable assistance to other worthy students in the future.

 ~Assaf Newmark


The Georgia Engineering Foundation scholarship that I received was such a blessing because it helped pay for some of my school fees and books for that year.  I think that the Georgia Engineering Foundation is a great organization and I will always carry the utmost respect for them because of their positive impact on the engineering community.

~Aury Pitts


I am grateful that the Georgia Engineering Foundation chose to invest in my career. It has been a great blessing to see the older generations giving back and empowering today's youth to reach higher and go further. I have an exciting future to look forward to, and I thank GEF for its part in that!

 ~Ben Blount


I received the McEachin memorial scholarship in both 2007 and 2008. I was honored to have been presented it by such an upstanding, outstanding, and honorable group of ladies and gentlemen. My award has continued to help me through college, and I have been very impressed by GEF and what it does for the state of Georgia.

 ~David Wilkes


May I say, what a difference the Georgia Engineering Foundation scholarships made to me as a full-time engineering student who was also working part-time.  Many thanks to Mr. Horwitz, GEF, and AMEC for their involvement in such a beneficial organization. 

 ~Andrew Mengwasser



Grant Recipient Testimonial

On behalf of the entire staff, we would like to thank you for your kind sponsorship of a Special Award at the 63rd Georgia Science and Engineering Fair. We are pleased that you and your organization recognize the importance of stimulating and encouraging young minds and imaginations.

Again, thank you for your continued support of the state fair.  Plans are already underway for the 64th Georgia Science and Engineering Fair, tentatively March 30-April 1, 2012, and we look forward to continuing this mutually rewarding relationship.

  Best Regards,

  Christine Burgoyne

  Director, Georgia Science and Engineering Fair

  University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education

Jim Remich of GEF presenting Award to Mai Nguyen of Memorial Middle School.